2018 Reflection and Exciting News

So, we’re half way through 2018 and oh boy has it been crazy. My life has completely turned around in the past six months and I would have never expected to be where I am. In January I wrote a blog post about what I am looing forward to in 2018  so I am planning on reflecting on that blog post as well as telling you guys some really exciting news.

In January, I went to a baby shower! One of my best friends had a wee baby (who arrived before the baby shower) so we travelled down to visit them and to go to the shower. It was so great to see her as well as the little man! I was so overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness that God had given us the gift of friendship as well as God giving her a beautiful baby boy! The day after I went to explore the local town and the biblical garden!

In February my two friends from America arrived! It was so fantastic having them here! They helped out at the church as well as helped me out personally. They taught me to go out of my comfort zone more, to ignore what nasty people have to say about me and to not let it drag me down and they also taught me how important it is to reach out to people and ask them to hang out instead of waiting for them to ask you! If you want to do something then pray about it and do what it takes to actually make it happen! (would you like a blog post about it?) They brought so much love and inspiration to the local church and community! We all miss them so much but are so thankful to have had them here for 8 wonderful weeks!

March was an incredible month! On the 10th, my church had a praise night! It might not seem like a big deal but that weekend was one of the best weekends! I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before but I am a member in the worship band which meant that I would be part of leading the worship alongside the team. We had been practicing for the praise night for weeks and on Saturday morning we had our final rehearsal. We then all went out for lunch which was one of the first times we all hung out without practicing! I then went for coffee with some more amazing people from church! I then went home for a quick change of clothes and then was straight back to the church for the praise night!
The night was incredible! I was so overwhelmed that I was struggling to hold in the tears towards the end of the night! All I could think about was how amazing God is and how happy he makes me! Praise him!
The day after the praise night was the day that I professed my faith and became an official member of the church which was such a big thing for me! I also took communion for the first time!

The weekend after was also amazing! I went with my best friend to the Free Church Youth Conference. We travelled to Edinburgh on the Thursday and attended a United Pursuit concert which was fantastic! We spend time in Edinburgh city centre on the Friday and then went to the conference. The conference theme was The Reformation which was really interesting because I had only looked at the Scottish reformation in a historical context and never really studied the reformation outwith Scotland! I also attended some seminars, one of them was about loving the old testament and the other was about Christians and mental health. I learnt so much over the weekend and made some amazing new friends!

For Easter we travelled down to England to visit my family. I got to visit my old church and celebrate Easter there which was amazing and brought back lots of memories. It was amazing to see my family because I miss them dearly. As a special treat we took my Grandma, Auntie and Uncle to visit the Kitty Café which was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had

Speaking of my course, I’ve finished it. I am currently in the process of finalizing essays and panicking, hoping that I have everything done in time. I am very excited to finish and go onto something new but I’ll be so sad leaving my placement because I’ve built relationships with the young people and really love working there.

Rend Collective was absolutely amazing! I went with my best friend and my parents but I also bumped into a few people from my local church and other churches in the surrounding area. The worship was incredible and it made me feel so on fire for Christ. If you ever have the chance to see Rend Collective in concert, do it! They are my favourite band so I knew the majority of the words but if you are not a fan of Rend Collective you can still defiantly go and enjoy seeing them live. The lyrics to the songs are up on a screen, the music is lively, you will feel the urge to dance and celebrate how Good our God is!

Unfortunately in May I lost my cat, Lucy due to old age and a month later I lost my other cat,  Scruff because of a tumour in his stomach. For a while, I was mad at God. I didn’t understand why God took them away from me and I didn’t want to follow God’s plan anymore if it was going to cause me this much pain. I spent a good few weeks trying to run away from God and I didn’t feel like getting up on a morning but then something changed. I posted a picture on Instagram and a guy I had met at the youth conference messaged me asking me if I was okay. We kept talking online for a while and we eventually went on our first date. I am now v happy to call him my boyfriend and I cant wait to work with him to strive for Christ and glorify God!

As I said in “What I am Looking Forward to in 2018” I’m going to be a junior camp leader. I chose to be working with pre-teen/ early teen girls because I think it is the group I have been called to work with. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with younger children but I had a pretty rough time in my teens (would you like me to do a post about embarrassing stories from my early teens?)and I think my experiences might be helpful for the girls to learn from. I would also like to show that being popular, pretty and having a boyfriend doesn’t make you happy and that you can only find true fulfilment through God because it took my long enough to figure that one out!! I want to develop friendship’s with the girls and help them in any way possible with the assistance of God! I have heard so many good things about being a camp leader so I’m buzzing! If you have thought about being a camp leader in the past then take this as your sign to do it next year! I also turn 18 whilst I am at camp which is scary but so exciting. I can’t think of any better way to spend one of my most important birthdays than at camp!

ALSO I AM GOING BACK TO CAMP AS A CAMPER!! I have been going to the same camp since I was 14 but I didn’t get to go last year. I have filled in all the forms and received my postcard so the countdown has officially began. I can’t wait to go back, learn about the gospel of Mark and see some of my favourite people that I haven’t seen for 2 years! I will be sure to film my experience at camp!

My final piece of exciting news is that I’m not going to uni. Okay, I know that sounds more like bad news than good news but hear me out. Through out the past academic year I have been studying youthwork and I was possibly going onto a degree in Theology next year or a ministry apprenticeship but I turned it down because in March, my amazing friends from Virginia, USA offered me the chance to fly over for 3 months(ish) to experience what church is like in a different country and with a larger congregation. My own church has been very supportive of my trip and I am really looking forward to gain fresh new ideas on how to help the church grow, especially regarding young people and children! When I am back from the USA I am going to take a gap year to figure out what I want to do regarding uni, earn some money and serve in the local community. I am hoping this trip will make my love for Christ even stronger and guide me along the path to a life in Christ.

So, my big adventure starts now. Unfortunately, since I will be so busy, I probably wont be uploading as much on YouTube. I am putting my Genesis- Revelation bible study on hold and making more vlogs rather than actual videos. I would like to make my channel more personal and have more open chats with you guys as well as show my real life. I find that I have put myself under pressure recently to make proper, artsy videos and upload them weekly. Usually this means my heart isn’t in it and I don’t upload them. I decided that I am not going to upload weekly anymore and I am just going to upload whenever I feel like it. As for my blog, I am hoping to upload more regularly but my content might be a little bit different. It will still be centred around a life in Christ but my blog posts will most likely be travel related!

I hope all is going well to you guys! If you have any big adventures coming up, let me know! Thank you so much for the support, I appreciate it! God Bless, Eve x

Most recent video-https://youtu.be/uQ0XFaDGrsw

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