Happy Thanksgiving

In the UK, we don’t celebrate thanksgiving. I can remember on thanksgiving 2017 I had to go to college and I wasn’t the biggest fan of college. When I got home I was scrolling through Instagram seeing all the posts about the amazing day everyone had and I just felt an overwhelming feeling of jealousy. I said to my mum right there and then “One day I’ll be in the USA and I’ll be celebrating thanksgiving…” Little did I know, that day was only 12 months later. So here I am in Richmond, Virginia on the 22nd of November. It’s 9am, the sun is blazing through the window and I am sat on my bed with Lucy the cat snuggled up to me. In a couple of hours I’ll be heading off to my first ever thanksgiving dinner!
To celebrate thanksgiving and the amazing year that God has given me I wanted to share some things I am thankful for!!

The first thing I am going to thank God for is my lovely boyfriend, Ewan. He has always been there to give me support and prayer when I need it most. He cares for my spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing and makes sure my relationship with God is always on top form. He encourages me to always do my bible reading, pray and go about my day to day life in a way that would please our Lord the best I can. I really hope I do the same for him. He knows me so well and tries his hardest to make my dreams come true. I am so thankful God has put the little ray of sunshine, that he is, in my life. He’s also super cute ;). Thank you Ewan for always being there for me and for strengthening my relationship with God and faith in Christ.

God has also blessed me with my amazing parents. Since I the day I was born, my mum and dad have gone out of their way to put me first and give me the best life I can possibly have. They’re always there to cheer me on, to hug me when I’ve been knocked down and tell me when I am wrong or being selfish. I really admire my dad’s creativeness and talent, he is the best spiritual mentor by making sure I am always on track with Jesus, he has given up so much to give me the best life he can give me and I am so thankful for that! (Da, I’m even thankful for you when you steal my chips, even the big ones). My mum is one of the sweetest, kindest and most gentle people I have met. She is my best friend and I know I can tell her everything and anything. She helps me out of any bad situation but also makes sure I do the right thing! I am so grateful for her and if I am even slightly like her when I am a mother I will be pleased!

If you’ve read my most recent blog post or if you’ve been following me on Instagram you will know that I am currently serving at a church in Richmond. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have been given to serve God in a different country and for the amazing people here. I am thankful for the Lord for putting me here and to the people who have cared for me, given me a place to stay, worked alongside me and spent time with me. You have all made this experience amazing and I honestly can’t thank all of “y’all” enough!
I’d like to give a thank you to the Bryant’s, the family hosting me today. Thank you for inviting me to be part of your special day!

In the past three months my Church has been here in Virginia and I have loved it but I cannot forget the church back in Scotland that I am a member of. I have been going (on and off) to DFC since I was ten. They’ve watched me grow up, go away from God and they welcomed me back at the start of this year with open arms. I became a member of the Church in March and it was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me. They’ve supported me while I’ve been in the USA, they helped me raise -more than enough- money for my camp and they’ve given me so many great opportunities. I am so thankful God has given me an amazing church to worship with!

I am also really thankful for the youth camps. Camp is a great way to share the gospel with young people. One of my biggest passions is youth camps and I am so grateful to be part of a fantastic team of ladies who help Kincraig Girl’s be the best camp it can be! They’ve all been such amazing friends to me and I loved getting close with them over the summer. I am also very thankful for everyone who works behind the scenes at Free Church Youth Camps for making camp a possibility. Also the biggest thank you to God for youth camps!

I would like to thank God for giving me gifts to use to serve him. I love using my voice to sing and praise the Lord in Church. I also love to work with children. I do believe that I am good with Children but I am praying that God will give me more confidence through the Holy Spirit.

As you guys know, my poor cats passed away this year. I was so sad but I’m also so thankful that we had Lucy for so long and that Scruff had six more months of happiness before he passed away! I’m thankful for my little fur babies but I will miss them dearly.

Most of all, I’d like to thank God for all the work He has done in my life, for the amazing people He has put in my life and for all the opportunities He has given me and for such an amazing year. I praise Him for His Love and for sending Jesus Christ to die for my sins and everyone else’s sins so we can live eternally with Him in Heaven. I praise him for his beautiful creation, for all the plants, all the animals and all the stars in the sky and for His countless blessings.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. God bless, Eve xx

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