Moving On…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can’t believe 2018 is over already! I thought that to welcome in the new year I would do a recap on the second half of 2018 and tell you guys about my plans for 2019! I’m going to pick up from June so to find out what I did at the start of the year check out “2018 Reflection and Exciting News” .

Soon after my last reflection blog post, I went to camp. The Camp was called Kincraig Girls and it was probably one of the best weeks of my life. The campers were great. They were all such lovely girls with such kind hearts. They all had their own personality and would crack us all up into almost tears super easily. The leaders were amazing too, I made some life-long friends that week and I can’t wait to go back again! We went shopping, played games, spent time outdoors, went swimming, played messy games and celebrated my 18th birthday! To see what we got up to check out my video-

Shortly after being a leader I was back at camp again. This time I was a camper. My camp is down in the south of England and it is called Sparkford 1. I was reunited with some amazing friends. It was tough going from being a leader to a camper again and being told what to do. I still had LOADS of fun though and I miss them all so much. The activities were all pretty much the same as usual. We did the iconic Sparkford dorm tournament, circus skills (the theme was circus), hunted the leaders, had girl time and praised Jesus! Leaving was tough as I had to say goodbye to the camp I had been going to since I was 14. I was invited back as taskforce in 2019 but sadly wont be able to go due to money and distance.

When I got back from camp and finally caught up on some sleep, I got to spend a week with my boyfriend. I stayed at his, he took me on a hike with his little dog (Button). We ended up getting lost and climbing the mountain twice. We went to the cat café and spent time with Ewan’s friends. We went to McDonalds at 3am, went for walks and Ewan took me out for my birthday dinner at Miller and Carter where we had the fanciest food I’ve ever seen! It was great getting to know him more and getting to spend time with him.

Shortly after my visit to see Ewan, I went on the biggest adventure of my life to the USA. I won’t talk too much about that as I am planning on uploading a blog post talking about it in more detail. The trip fuelled my need to travel and my passion to work with children and young people. I got to spend time with old friends and make new friends. I miss them all so much! Stay tuned to find out more about my trip to the USA!

During my time in the USA, Ewan came to visit me. I took him to Carytown , showed him around Richmond, cycled around Belle Isle we went apple picking at Carter Mountain and helped out at Church. One of the highlights of the trip was Washington DC where we visited The Museum of the Bible. The Museum of the Bible was the coolest museums I have ever been to. I got to find out so much information about the bible and Jesus. I got to find out the way the bible influences pop culture and the way we live and I even got to see the original scroll of Isaiah!! After the museum we went sightseeing. We saw the United States Capitol, The White House, The Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument. It was one of the best trips I have ever taken. We vlogged it too!

In November I went to visit my Godmother in Florida. It was soooo hot there, a contrast to rainy Scotland. We went to Tampa Zoo, I saw an Elephant which was pretty cool! We also got our nails done and chilled out by the pool! It was great to see her!

December came wayyyy too quickly! In a blink of an eye I was on the plane from Dulles Airport to London Heathrow. I arrived home in the morning of the 30th of December. At the airport I was reunited with Ewan! I got to go home and see my parents and start the Christmas celebrations. I spent pretty much the whole of December with Ewan. We went to plenty of winter wonderland’s and Christmas markets. Ewan also took me to Edinburgh.

It was soon New Year’s Eve. Ewan and I went to a ceilidh to start out the night and we then went to a street party where we watched the lone piper on top of the castle. When the bells chimed to mark the new year, I got my first new year’s kiss and I have never been happier. We watched the fireworks and went home for some celebratory drinks before going to sleep.

So its 2019… Whats my plans?

In a couple of weeks I set off to Belfast for a short, solo backpacking trip. I have never been anywhere in Ireland before as I assumed it was basically the same as Scotland but I am very excited to experience my first taste of it. I will be staying in a hostel on my own which is pretty spooky but I am sure God will protect me while I am there.

I have no trips planned for February (yet). Ewan and I will be celebrating our first Valentines day together though and I am very excited for that. Any excuse to treat my man!! It will also be my blogging anniversary!!

March will be so fun! At the start of the month Ewan and I will be going to visit my family in Yorkshire. It’ll be Ewan’s first time meeting my Grandparents and he will get to see where I grew up, my old school and my old church. A couple of weeks after we will be heading down to the Free Church Youth Conference again but this time it’ll be as a couple. I’m excited to spend a weekend learning about God with all of my favourite people.

In March/ early April, some of my friends from Richmond Virginia are coming to visit. I cant wait to see them and spend time being tourists with them! April is also the month of Easter, the celebration of my Saviour’s death and resurrection! I also think there might be a camps training day in April (yay).

I am so excited for May! Ewan and I are going backpacking around Europe! We planned it all out a couple of weeks ago and now the trip is totally booked. We’ve planned to interrail as its a super cheap option. We’re going to Amsterdam- The Netherlands, Berlin- Germany, Prague- Czech Republic, Vienna- Austria, Budapest- Hungary, Venice- Italy. We will be going full backpacker with only our backpacks to carry everything and staying in hostels. I have never been more excited for a holiday!

June is the month of Ewan’s birthday so I’m going to spoil the heck out of him! It will also be our one year anniversary!

In July it’ll be my 19th birthday and of course it’ll be celebrated the best way! AT CAMP! I’m going back as a leader for my second year and I cannot be more excited  to see the girls I got to know last year and meet some new girls. I’m looking forward to having fun with them and learning about Jesus with them!

In August I will be taking a trip up to the Isle of Lewis for the first time. I’m very excited to see the beautiful place Ewan tells me about all the time. To meet Ewan’s family and to see where stories took place!

That’s all I know for 2019 so far.

I have plenty of little goals as well for this year:

  • Become closer to God
  • Learn to drive
  • Get a job
  • Go to college
  • Blog regularly
  • Upload to YouTube frequently
  • Be more productive
  • Start a Youth Group
  • Stay on top of my mental health and to work harder on conquering it!
  • Start an Etsy shop

What are your plans for 2019? Any exciting adventures? I hope you enjoyed my first post of 2019!

God Bless, Eve x


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